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7 Marketing Strategy to grow your business

7 Marketing Strategy to grow your business

Many a times in life, we come across ideas, services or just random things that seem to be brilliant but not widely known. These are unique concepts and literally ideas that would revolutionise the world. But because of a lack of awareness, these thoughts never see the light of day and go “out off business”. Some incredible ideas are lost, simply because they weren’t spoken of as well as they should have been. Even worse still is the problem of other people being smarter with your idea and making millions off of it, while you still cater to the limited clientele that you seem to have. Is that what marketing protects us against? Losing clients, money and awareness?

Essentially, yes. But marketing goes far ahead than this. It is a game of not just selling in the moment, but laying groundwork for the future. Having a marketing strategy is important for growing and sustaining your business. It’s not about selling a brown carbonated drink once. It’s about developing a brand that has as much psychological impact as physical on customers. Marketing is about building a brand like Coca-Cola, and ensuring that this is what people crave when they think of a soft drink.

Marketing strategies grow your business by adding a recall value to it. It is all about establishing a unique strength with your product. Customers will not just be buying so-and-so product, but an experience that you promise. With your marketing strategy, you can create an aura of personified existence around a product. Sure likes something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. So without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into seven marketing strategies that can help you grow your business.


This is a classic form of marketing and business development. It starts right from your choice of product or service. The devil lies in the details, as niche marketing depends on specifics. Even Manobal identifies with this, since we cater to the very niche service of explainer video making for corporates. Doesn’t mean that this is the only service we provide. Along with our creative video making, branding, 2D and 3D animation etc. this is also an essential. But marketing ourselves as a niche helps us gain an edge over other similar businesses. Play it smart and identify your niche for specific branding.


Trade shows, exhibitions, flea markets etc. are examples of trade show marketing techniques. This marketing strategy helps to grow your business with a simple formula. Make use of the fact that all likeminded people are under one roof and you have the chance to highlight yourself as the best. Here you can combine your niche marketing skills too in order to stand apart in front of all new potential customers. And not just customers, but collaborators, new talents, business people etc. are also here. You get the opportunity to grow your circle in every sense for benefits.


This one should be your first medium of choice, because it’s easy, accessible and majorly effective. With Indian population, there is a good market for almost everything. And now this population has shifted most of its attention to the social media circle. Everyone is actively producing, developing and selling all kinds of services on social media. There are approximately 120 Million active Indian instagram users every month. Doesn’t that sound like an excellent opportunity to reach many people with you plans? Make videos, work on branding and develop your unique identity on social media. Because it certainly pays off. With simple data analytics and direct feedback mechanism,
social media provides the best medium of credible and helpful customer research plans.


This is something all of us are attracted by. Buy one get one free, buy two get third at discount and so on. It is a good way of selling high price products with an added value for customers. Everyone, even the customer knows that this is just a trick. A business would only introduce such a plan if it gains tremendously out of it. But this sales idea does attract the audiences a lot. Make use of it for your own gains.


This is something we have seen in several influencer videos. Even though these include paid promotions and have the “sponsored” sign on top of them, these are effective. This is because when a famous person is attached to the use of a product, its value gets uplifted. This deals with developing curiosity, energy and excitement in a client for the product. People enjoy using the same product that Carryminati or Kusha Kapila are using. It helps your business without directly adding a sales deal.


An equal amount of both should give you a good recipe of marketing strategy to grow your business. You can either actively make ads, phone calls, send mails and do other activities that draw attention to your product. Or you invest in writing blogs, making short videos and make the client come to you.


This is an excellent technique of promoting to a wider audience in lesser budgets. Identify businesses that seem to have a client base nearly similar to yours, but do not compete with your directly. Now if you put your heads together and promote together, you’ll be spending less costs and gaining from each other’s client base. Such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, Subway and Lays…these are brand integrations that end up helping both. While it sounds like a lot of tough stuff, marketing is actually a game well played when it’s well understood. These pointers should help you gain all the beginner plans you need to get that business uplifted. You can learn to do it yourself, or get a branding agency like ours to help you lift-off. So what are you waiting for? The market is all yours to conquer!

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