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Grow your business using Google My Business

In the present day and age, visibility is as easy as it is difficult. Whether it’s through videos, animated content or even the old school pamphlets, it is important to ensure that your business is accessible.

Promotion of your brand and business is necessary not just to develop awareness about your product, but to tap wide markets and reach customers all over the globe. Surely social media, promotional videos, ad making, branding and other official means do come in handy, but there is one essential tool that is a must for every business.

Suppose, you are running a stationary in a suburban block. People move in, move out, and they for sure need pen and photocopies every now and then. The first thing that a modern customer does is fire up Google and search for the phrase “stationaries near me”.

Now a smart businessman would recognize this situation as the most essential and easy method of gaining new customers and building awareness. In such a scenario, whenever someone near you searches for a stationary on Google, yours would be one of the first names to pop up, based on location, reviews and visibility. Isn’t that neat? So how can you let this
incredible branding opportunity slip by? Let’s jump right in and learn about all the ways that a Google My Business account helps you.

First thing’s first. You need to make a Google account of your business and give all the necessary information therein. Your service, functional hours, contact, address…all the basics need to go in this account. That way, it’ll be easy for a customer to reach you at any point of time with queries or even orders. The second a customer gets engaged, he/she becomes a potential consumer. This is much easier than a random human wandering the streets and stumbling upon your business. Google provides business owners with plenty of promotion tactics and opportunities. Even the sponsored content is not as expensive as taking out an ad in, say, a newspaper or any other medium. Google makes the process simple for every small business to find a way. You can post pictures, product lists, creative videos, brand details and everything else that you believe can help attract more customers. But Google smartly provides some of the best discoverable features itself, making your job easier than ever.

One of the topmost reasons for putting yourself on Google is to get registered on the map. Everyone relies on Google maps these days for any and all kinds of navigation. Google maps is one of the most sought after features of a smartphone. If people are using the app, you need to be on it too. Google Maps is preferred by 67% of smartphone users. If you’re not utilizing such a vast presence, you’re wasting a very essential promotion opportunity.

When you make a Google My Business account, you are directly placed on this radar. That’s one point for remote, small businesses to gain visibility. But just making an account is never enough. It’s only a start. Now that you have put yourself on the map, it’s time to increase the chances of you being discovered. How would you do that? By posting blogs, promotional videos, 2D and 3D animated videos, explainer videos and all kinds of creative content. This does not need to be a tedious task. Although, it is advisable to get a creative video
agency to help you out with the branding and all kinds of promotional plans, but if you can’t afford to get one just yet, start on your own. Thanks to several easy to use apps, making videos and editing pictures is not a hefty task. Make use of the fact that 67% people are visual learners and are attracted by video content. Make basic videos that highlight your business and make it all the more visible. You can only make a sale when people know that you are in business. This habit of posting regularly and keeping your clients engaged is all you need to begin with.

Now think of the time you were ordering food. Did you check the filter that only shows you businesses with at least a four start rating? Well, that’s what everyone does. People care about a good review, as it makes it easier for them to trust a new brand. So you need to ensure that all your customers consider leaving a good review for you on Google. Many business owners insist on people leaving a five star rating if they like the service. It does not take much effort on the customer’s part, and certainly gives the business an edge. These ratings inform Google of your exceptional customer service, and ensures that you show up in all relevant searches. Google My business is certainly an amazing way to get the ball rolling on your promotions. But Google can only give you a boost. It all starts with you and your efforts. Don’t shy away from going the extra mile and working actively on your business’s promotion. It will always come in handy and help you grow.

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