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How to chose a perfect name for your business

A name says a lot. Shakespeare may have poetically suggested that it does not but you brand needs
a name that sets you apart from the masses. Your brand needs a name that is catchy, memorable
and relevant to your product or service. It’s all part of building an identity and branding that can
help you get ahead in every sense. So what are the few tips and trick that you can take into account
before getting down to details? Here are a few.

  1. Simplicity is all you need
    Creativity is important, but it only creates an impact when it gets through to the customers. If you
    want to develop an abstract idea and are hoping for it to pick up, that might also not happen. Simple
    things are most memorable. For example, if you are a creative video making agency, don’t start
    using names that are too technical. Can’t name your company the same as a shot or something, can
    you? Use a meaningful word, or create meaning out of simple words.
  2. Don’t pick a name that limits you
    If your name suggests that you only do a certain kind of work that will harm the brand as a whole.
    Don’t simply be XYZ animation studio, because then your work profile won’t be completely
    established. Try going in a more general direction so that if you become an ad agency along with a
    2D, 3D animation studio, you can be recognised for it all under one banner.
  3. Spell easy
    Just remember that your brand needs to be easy to spell out on a paycheque. If it’s easy, the name
    will be tagged and posted about a lot more than a difficult name. Avoid misspelled words and
    confusing ones too.
  4. Meaningful name
    If the name you pick has a meaning, it gets all the more easy to remember. It also plays a key role in
    highlighting your branding ideology. A lot can be conveyed through simple words.
  5. Search the web
    Ensure that no one else has the same idea for a name as you. As soon as you have some options,
    start browsing. You don’t want a name similar to someone else, or too close to another. Pick a
    distinct one.
  6. Is it catchy enough?
    Does the name stick? The whole purpose of branding is to ensure maximum retention. But don’t go
    too outlandish either. Make it catchy, not funky. Unless, of course, you’re not exactly targeting
    corporates. It’s essential to build a name that creates an image.
  7. Get feedback on the name
    Tell your friends and family about the name. Are people able to pronounce it easily? Do they react to
    it? Is it easy to remember? The only way to answer these questions is to try the name out with
    everyone around. That’s how you’ll find out the best one.
  8. Does is sound good?

We exist in a world where it’s easy to misinterpret things. Any word can be twisted and turned to
sound odd. So you must ensure as far as possible that your name actually means what you think and
hope it does. That’s the only way to stay away from inviting unwanted connotations and
uncomfortable sounding words.

  1. .com over everything else
    .com is a device that has developed over a long time and brings something essential to the table.
    Commerce has been associated with this name for quite a while now, and the customer knows what
    to expect from such a site. That is why this domain name is a better bet than all others. The moment
    you are sure about your name, get its domain name with a .com behind it.
  2. Social media
    As soon as you’re sure about your name, create pages on social media to keep the option ready.
    Businesses do need social media for promotion as a given now, so it is best to be ready before
    someone snatches the name up.
  3. Pick a name that makes you happy
    Nothing is more important than you being happy with your brand name. Every time you say it, it
    should give you the sense of accomplishment and happiness. It should give you a sense of pride and
    That’s about it! Names really are as important as the product or business itself, because they reflect
    your identity. Don’t take it lightly, but don’t stress either. Naming the business is a very fun process.
    Enjoy it and come up with a fun list to pick from.
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