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The client’s requirement was a training video that could be played for
and understood by drivers. The challenge was to keep it short, informative, and not of a preachy tone. This video had to be well received by novice as
well as experienced drivers.

The client shared some real-life stories about mishaps and accidents that they have
personally been involved in or knew someone who was. The dialogue stressed the
necessity of making this video because every experienced driver has an ego. Instead of
making a long lecture-oriented lesson, it was decided that a funny story would be better in
which the viewer can get the lesson himself.

Manobal’s Take:

We developed a concept that involves the relevant message along
with a touch of stylistic humor. The idea was to undercut the seriousness
with animated comedy so that it doesn’t look like a training video but a story
with a cautionary undertone. So the approach involved developing two
characters in a truck, who aren’t paying attention to the road. The result has
been shown in a dramatic and comedic way, but the seriousness of the idea
remains intact. All the while, thanks to the color schemes and involvement
of logistics, we were able to create a very theme-oriented feel. Everything
about the video displays the brand of Castrol subtly yet prominently.


The video came out to be a 3D animated training video in the form of a funny
video. While the subject matter is universal, the quirky characters make it
relatable and sufficiently humorous. The excessive harm associated with
unfocused driving is highlighted prominently with ample seriousness. But the
overall effect is of information without gore or tone of lecture.


The video is perfect to be used as a training video without going into lengthy
details and explanations. Since it involves animation, the visuals are catchy
and ensure maximum viewer attention. While this can be used internally for
training purposes, it can also be run as a PSA from Castrol’s end. So the video
serves multiple purposes, just because it was scripted in our specific way.


The client’s requirement was met and the video presented an opportunity for wider release as well. Every video made by my Manobal comes with a
promotional advantage, making each video invest.

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