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Videos is the complete toolkit for Marketing and Promotions

Videos is the complete toolkit for Marketing and Promotions

It is no news that the population worldwide has shifted a lot with the advent of social media. The
ease of access and connectivity has led to a steady growth in creative content production. But how
can these platforms be used to spread your word and build a clientele?

Let’s find out with evidential numbers.

In 2017, only 63% businesses were using videos to promote. The number grew to 81% in 2018, and
to 87% in 2019. In a 2018 study, it was revealed that 85% Indian’s watch online videos. In a country
as big as ours, that number presents a multitude of opportunities.

The use of videos is growing, because their benefit is exceptional. YouTube is the hottest spot for
you to get views and the reach is exceptional. This happened because promotional videos became
an inseparable part of our lifestyle. We are so dependent on them that if it wasn’t for YouTube, most
of us won’t even be cooking. If it’s clear that videos are so important for our daily lives, then it’s
pretty simple to also understand that they present an unparalleled business opportunity.

Video marketing is a way of using videos to promote, inform and educate your target audience. This can
be for commercial, social or educational purposes. It all depends upon what you make, how you
make it and where you place it on the internet. Again, all of that is determined by your target
audience. In order to create brand awareness and increase social engagement, you need to ensure
that the video you’ve made also reaches the right people. This is where the job of SEO and social
media management comes in. But more on that later. Today we focus on why videos are your best
bet to make a loud statement that everyone wants to hear.

Here are three reasons why videos are the best promotional tools available to us today.

  1. They are quick, crisp and creative.
    In a world where people even watch TV very passively, short and engaging videos are the need of
    the hour. You can only hold your audience’s attention for so long. And it is essential that you talk
    about your brand effectively.
  2. Videos help develop a personal connection between the creator and the viewers.
    Videos require a very clear voice and thought process. When an audience member engages with you
    through your videos, they are essentially developing a bond with you. This is why firm’s look for an
    agency with an ideology, because in the long run, such brands are able to maintain lasting
    relationships with clients.
  3. Develop an audience base where only videos are the means of communication.
    YouTube has an incredible amount of viewership. And the only way to get that reach is to make
    So now that we’ve established the immense necessity of videos, let’s see how to make engaging
    campaigns to influence a wide audience.
    The first step is to identify your target audience. Are you hoping to engage teenagers? Or is your
    brand meant for the elderly? Based on your target group, you’ll have to use concepts, language and
    the social media platform that you use. Different demographics need to be considered.
    The method of video production also plays an important role. Some ideas are better said with
    animations, while some others require a human touch. It all depends on what you’re saying and who

you’re saying it to. When a concept is exceptionally tedious, like several medical videos, it is always
easier to say it through animation with descriptive visuals.
There are many factors that go into successful video production. But the most important thing to
remember is your target audience, an engaging video and its relevance with the brand or company
it promotes.
So are you ready to take those skills and apply for benefits? Let the marketing games begin!

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