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Objective: The client’s requirement was a training video that could be played forand understood by drivers. The challenge was to keep it short, informative, and not of a preachy tone. This video had to be well received by novice aswell […]

7 Marketing Strategy to grow your business

Many a times in life, we come across ideas, services or just random things that seem to be brilliant but not widely known. These are unique concepts and literally ideas that would revolutionise the world. But because of a lack […]

Grow your business using Google My Business

In the present day and age, visibility is as easy as it is difficult. Whether it’s through videos, animated content or even the old school pamphlets, it is important to ensure that your business is accessible. Promotion of your brand […]

How to chose a perfect name for your business

A name says a lot. Shakespeare may have poetically suggested that it does not but you brand needsa name that sets you apart from the masses. Your brand needs a name that is catchy, memorableand relevant to your product or […]

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