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How Long Does It Take To Create A Video?

The time it takes to complete a video production depends upon various factors, the length of time entirely relies on the duration of the video you planned, the development and editing parts are two shores of video making, strong planning in pre-production can save you significant time. It takes 1-2 weeks to get a final product from scratch. If you follow the ideal process of video making, you can get your product ready in the timeframe you planned.

What Is The Average Cost For A Animated Video?

Video making is a long process which contains different responsibilities and roles. The most crucial part is played by money. An average video costs you less than ₹1200 Per second. It includes the costs of types of equipment and other essential requirements from video production. It also undertakes the charge of post-production.

How Much Do You Charge For live Video?

The ideal pricing for a live video is ₹70k. The cost of the video can vary from video to video. It consists of the quality and the types of equipment used in making the video, although a video could be ready under ₹1.5lac, the detailed pricing criteria is determined on the video production. We also provide a detailed estimate to the client.

What Kind Of Technology Do You Support In Video Making?

Video production engulfs a wide range of different productions and technologies, corporate videos play an essential role in the corporate world, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Infor Graphics, VFX, live action etc. there are many technologies and software are being used in this era. Every video requires different attention. We nurture the videos as they are planned to be and deliver the best out of it.

Can I See My Video While It's In Process?

Absolutely, we encourage that participation of the client along the process. We take approvals from the client at every milestone of the production of the video so that you have knowledge of your video and we can make changes as per your decision. Once the video is ready, we ask for the final approval so that video is good to go on the platform.

How Many Changes Can I Make To My Video Without Additional Cost?

We take the video production step by step with the approvals of the client. On our end, we try to be as transparent as we could without costing any other charge. As the client finalise the format and sequence of the video, the minor charges do not cost any charges.

Are Any Other Services Included In Your video making And Development Costs?

Our video making programme includes providing a complete structural script of audio and visuals before the submission of the final product. It helps the client to learn and understand how the video is going to be, and it also gives a pre structure to the video, if the client wants to make some changes, they can.

We Are A Very Small Company With A Limited Budget. Do You Offer Any video formats?

Small startups and entrepreneur have the same question. We listen to your ideas and the projections you have in your mind, and after detailed discussion we suggest perfect treatment for your video.

When Is Payment Required For Your video making And Development Services?

We deal in multiple small and bigger projects, for small projects we charge half payment at the beginning of the video production and half is due before the submission with all the changes required, for bigger projects we charge one-third of the mortgage at the beginning of the work and second payment is due till the introduction of first draft and final payment is made before submission of the final video with all the changes required.

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