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Examples of Best Animated Ad Characters

Examples of Best Animated Ad Characters

Ever wonder why so many Facebook channels with practically the same type of generic content get as many followers as they do? All because of short videos. Autoplay gets people addicted to watching one video after the other. You must take this into account while making your videos. I say your video was to show up on someone’s timeline randomly (though it’s never random), you’d want them to stick through it. Best way to ensure that is by having impressive visuals from the first frame itself and keeping the length short.

While there are a lot of video making methods, the most successful and impactful is animation. 2D animation and 3D animation are the new sheriffs in advertising town! 2D animations made with as simple as line drawings sometimes get more traction than big-budget videos. While 3D animation costs a little more, it is definitely worth investing in. The quirky characters are more memorable and definitely attract more customers. The animation is most literally the best way of conveying a complex message. The massive visual appeal and creativity intrigue everyone. Simply put, animated videos are not easily overlooked. And here are a few reasons why you should be spending a big bit of your promotional budget at animation studios. The quirky characters are more memorable and definitely attract more customers.

Let’s take a look at some incredible characters that have gone down in history as the most memorable ones. 

The Amul Girl

This character may as well be the brand ambassador of India. This hand-drawn cartoon of a young girl with witty, satirical and exceptional creative possibilities continues to be relevant even though it was first unveiled in the year 1966. 2D animation gives you the freedom to come up with something exceptional that can live on for generations and truly become the identity that people can relate to.

Air India’s Maharaja

This is again a character most can connect with. The Maharaja symbolized the best of hospitality and comfort in its being. Air India was supposed to create the image of exceptional services that would give people the taste of posh treatment up in the air. In 2015 the mascot changed and the aam aadmi concept gained momentum, but the one we think of is still the good old Maharaja.

Nirma Girl

Here’s another little girl everyone remembers fondly! Nirma is another daughter of India with a flowing white frock, encouraging folks to buy the detergent that would give your clothes “doodh si safedi”. This brand’s campaigns are also a wonderful example of jingle making that really tales attention. No matter where you go, if you meet a Hema, you immediately hope for Rekha, Jaya and Sushma to follow. Best of animation clubbed with an iconic jingle, that’s what the Nirma campaign stood for.


Asian Paints used to be headlined by a little black and white boy with a lock of hair falling on his eye, permanently. He had a paint bucket and brush and struck a chord with a lot of people. Gattu was created by RK Laxman.

Sunny from Sunfeast

Every single biscuit packet with Sunny on it had been a fond memory from our childhood. Sunfeast came up with this basic character that became quite the defining factor. The messy hair and cute smiles made kids everywhere pay attention when the ads came up. It is undebatable that such distinct characters go down to be etched in history forever.

Fido Dido of 7 Up

Fido Dido became an emblem of coolness with his spiked up hair and T-shirt with shorts look. The character completely defined everything that the drink stood for. The chill mood that comes with 7 Up is definitely something to advertise. The character hooked on to that vibe really brought forth a proper image for it.
These are some of the many characters that bring us nostalgia and have left an impact that won’t be wiped off easily. That is the power of 2D and 3D animation. With bright, beautiful characters, you can create an impressive identity for your brand. Creative video agencies come up with quirky ideas that can be best suited for your brand and target audience.
2D animation and 3D animation are revolutionising marketing strategies all over. Businesses that fail to understand their power are losing out on amazing response and conversion rate. It’s time to acknowledge the new way of building a clientele. Hop on! This wagon goes in the direction of growing profits!

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