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What’s the right time to invest in promotional content?

What’s the right time to invest in promotional content?

No doubt 2020 is a difficult year for promotional content. With the sinking hits that businesses have been targeted with, things are tougher than usual. A very specific section of the market may have seen a rise in sales, but other than that mostly it’s been difficult. In such times the questions of promotion that have always bothered business become even more troublesome.

Is it a good time to spend money on video making?

No matter what you are selling, video making can always help you sell better. Promotional videos are the most sophisticated yet simplest advertising medium. It is true that the year 2020 has been a bit of downer, but it is absolutely essential to make your presence felt in the market.
Videos help in making sense of the entirety of your project in simple, clean ways. It basically is a creative way of talking about the critical details of your project. Creative video agencies ensure that your brand is highlighted in the best light through promotional videos. It must be taken into account that views on branded video content grew 258 per cent on Facebook and 99 per cent on YouTube from the year 2016 to 2017. The numbers have only grown further since then. The verdict is out. Promotional videos are definitely good to bet on.
With a target audience and content research, you can pick all the right ingredients to make the perfect promotional video campaign. It’s half the battle, making good quality videos. The other half is working with your marketing team to place it right.
Promotional videos should be placed on all the right platform and tagged with all the right keywords to attract viewers and ultimately help make your business more profitable. But all of this is just one step after the other of ensuring your video’s success. There’s a lot more you need to do before that video gets made.
Most businesses spend up to 11 per cent of their annual budget on marketing as a whole. It’s quite a good amount if used judiciously on mediums that give you better ROI. Social Media is the marketing medium that is the hottest in the business right now, and promotional content that gets the most response here is promotional videos.
There are all kinds of creative concepts used to sell products and services on social media. Videos are preferred by audiences since they are quick, easy and engaging. Who says you need to spend billions on concepts and promotion? With explainer videos, the most complex of ideas can be easily communicated.
2D animations and 3D animations are relatively cheaper and far more effective for businesses that require a technical presentation. Even without that, animated videos hold an edge over live-action videos, specifically in the year 2020. While the entire industry is down due to the lockdown, animated videos have presented a beautiful opportunity for you to get amazing promotions done without “Lights, Camera and Action”. It’s cheaper, comes with less hassles and is definitely impactful.
The fact is that 87% of businesses now use video as an essential marketing tool. 52% of marketing professionals worldwide believe that video is the type of content with the best ROI. What more does one need to be sold on the idea of videos?

Well if you need more to start investing in promotional videos now, we’ve got more…

Out of all the people who have invested in videos have received such great results that 99% of them say that they would want to increase their budget allocation for videos. That’s a big win for video maker. Nearly half of YouTube and Facebook users spend more than an hour on video every week.
It is evident from statistics that people would rather engage in short video content than long format videos, prints, blogs etc. It is essential to make use of the fact that about 30 Million people visit YouTube every day. Branding solutions now include a multitude of these platforms as there we can get the most diverse of population.
Research shows that nowadays people turn to videos for the most basic solutions for everyday life. You might recall yourself solving a computer software bug or even making a roti by YouTube-ing the easiest ways to do it. “How To” videos are amongst the most searched and watched videos. People come to Google and YouTube looking for simple solutions and providing them would give you visibility. This is exactly why explainer video production is a go-to option for video makers. Creating videos as a way of highlighting the importance of the services you offer also helps greatly. So along with direct promotion and advertising, it definitely helps in investing in explainer video production.
So there you have it! All the data and complex numbers point to the same idea. Videos are in! There is no reason for you to doubt or think way too much before getting in talks with an excellent creative video agency to get the show on the road. Videos will only make your promotion better and easier. No doubt about that.

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