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How Facebook ads help in promotion?

How Facebook ads help in promotion?

Most of us are privy to the dramatized origin story of the current multi-billion dollar company. It started as a clean idea, was nurtured with ambition and unprecedented creativity and became Facebook without “THE” that we spend countless hours surfing today. We all may be enjoying the unsaid incognito mode it lets us have while visiting random profiles and “good-natured” stalking, but of course, the CEO keeps adding to his Billions through us. It’s all good business!
Facebook is an advertising goldmine of present-day and age. With detailed analytics of diverse demography, it can get you your perfect match online. Every business now has a very detailed understanding of the content consumption and buying habits of the masses. That is what further developed into the great Facebook Ads market.
Social ads are everything we need to find the best of marketing spaces and opportunities. The collected information from social media platforms is capitalized this way to sell more. Social ads help you get a much pinpointed, detailed idea of what your target audience wants and what motivates them to buy. Communication becomes a lot more direct and clean when you know who you’re talking to.
Facebook Ads help on three major fronts. They help in building awareness about the brand or product to increase reach. Once your name is out there, all the doors of opportunities are open. Facebook also helps in increasing engagement by directing the flow of traffic to your website, app or most prominently providing an opportunity to the masses for consideration. This can give you more views on videos, generate leads or encourage direct communication via Facebook Messenger. Eventually, after all the hard work of content generation and promotion, Facebook ads help you with real conversions and sales. With detailed audience consideration info, Facebook is definitely one of the best social media platforms to bet on.
Facebook Business Manager is the key to advertising ease. With a fair amount of research about content on your part, you can use this gem to create the most appealing marketing strategies for Facebook socials.
Social ads on Facebook can be in many different forms. There is a multitude of options to pick from to invest in the one that suits your product best. The first category is of photo ads. Clean and simple image-based advertising with 125 characters for added text gives you a lot of scopes to highlight your product. With a simple call-to-action button, it gives customers the easiest, most hassle-free buying experience. All to your benefit!
Video ad options are plentiful on Facebook. From short explainer videos, ad videos, 2D and 3D animation videos, testimonials…Facebook helps with the promotion of all. Of course, the real trick is to get the content right, but the social media platform does it’s best to give you all the boosts you need. Video making is not something that it can teach you, for that is a job for a creative video agency. But it sure gives the ad all the opportunity it needs to generate the best ROI. Free advice – Shorter videos perform better.
The full format story ads give you the opportunity to create engaging 15 seconds videos to really get to the core of your sales pitch. We recommend classy compositions and quirky characters to get your product across quickly and leave the viewer wanting more. Animated videos, simple text videos work because 15 seconds is not a lot. All your info needs to get across quickly and effectively.
Carousel ads give you the opportunity to get deeper into the details with 10 images and individual links on each. Using different elements of your product to create a compelling narrative gets you the best response.
Not ready to invest in videos without a test? Facebook lets you create the same experience through Slideshow ads for which you can either use Facebook’s stock photos or your own. Messenger ads can give customers a more one on one buying experience.
So you see? Facebook has it all prepared and ready to roast for you on a silver platter. It’s up to you to choose the best creative video agency to be your video makers and create impactful campaigns. Learn to use the information to your benefit! That’s how one makes a $527 Billion Company.

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