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Why are animated videos impactful?

Why are animated videos impactful?

The Internet has made us lazy. Living without quick and easy fixes is an obsolete lifestyle we can never imagine going back to. We can shop easily, work effectively and communicate better. We owe a lot of our luxury to this miraculous technology. And this particular way of life is an answer to our most basic question. How can I get more people to listen to me?

Studies have established that our attention span has dramatically declined. It has been determined that the only reason a person would stick to some particular content is when it’s a video. One-third of all online activity is spent watching videos. It has been observed that including a video on your landing page increases conversion rate by 80%. With numbers like that it is apparent where most of your advertising budget needs to go.

Video making is the most effective advertising solution today. Since 65% of people are visual learners, it actually makes sense to use visuals to deliver a message. Between a structurally complex sentence and a simple diagram, what would you pick? Visuals are winning the race and to ride their glory for your benefit, you need to hop on.

While there are a lot of video making methods, the most successful and impactful is animation. 2D animation and 3D animation are the new sheriffs in advertising town! The animation is most literally the best way of conveying a complex message. The massive visual appeal and creativity intrigue everyone. Simply put, animated videos are not easily overlooked. And here are a few reasons why you should be spending a big bit of your promotional budget at animation studios.

Several concerns require videos that can simplify their offered services to bring in customers. Things like pharma video production, corporate video production, EHS video production etc. become tricky because of the complicated content. To sell an idea, we first need to explain it. This need directs you to explainer video production which again, needs to be visually explanatory. 2D animation and 3D animation is the way to go here. Explaining a drug’s working in the body cannot be done effectively by having a man in a lab coat talking. Animation helps you beat the clichés and present your idea in a more distinct way. While laymen would enjoy the beautifully placed visuals along with registering your name, professionals will get the complete details too. Animation successfully offers you the perfect package deal.

Every industry requires videos to establish itself in the online space. Many of these cannot explain their services via the more conventional formats. Animation to the rescue! There is nothing that doesn’t fit as content for animation. YouTube videos of TedEx and similar channels have millions of subscribers because they make largely serious topics exciting. No one wants to read about Plato’s philosophies in books, but animated videos make them intriguing! With the possibility of building anything and everything, animation can be used to talk about everything. Every complex idea can be simplified and sold effectively through animation. And it is fun!

It is preferable for most firms because it sure beats the cost of live-action production. While video shooting services would cost quite a bit, 2D animation can be made at lesser rates. This is because it practically takes three or four people to make a short explainer animation video. Once you get a script locked with your chosen animation studio, the rest is all up to the genius creatives and their systems. In video shoots, the number of people, requirements and equipment is way higher, adding up to bigger budgets. So animation becomes the perfect solution for start-ups and smaller concerns.

Ever wonder why so many Facebook channels with practically the same type of generic content get as many followers as it does? All because of short videos. Autoplay gets people addicted to watching one video after the other. You must take this into account while making your videos. I say your video was to show up on someone’s timeline randomly (though it’s never random), you’d want them to stick through it. Best way to ensure that is by having impressive visuals from the first frame itself and keeping the length short. 2D animations made with as simple as line drawings sometimes get more traction than big-budget videos. While 3D animation costs a little more, it is definitely worth investing in. The quirky characters are more memorable and definitely attract more customers.

One essential tip to get good traction on different media platforms is to edit the same video in different ways. YouTube works well for longer videos, but Instagram and Facebook have duration limitations. If you make a 3-minute video for YouTube, it can be edited down to a minute or less for the other two platforms. Without too much, this helps you get viewers from everywhere effectively.

2D animation and 3D animation are revolutionising marketing strategies all over. Businesses that fail to understand their power are losing out on amazing response and conversion rate. It’s time to acknowledge the new way of building a clientele. Hop on! This wagon goes in the direction of growing profits!

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