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How software demo videos help

When was the last time that you read a user manual to figure something out? A new washing machine, new water purifier or even a tap that looks a little off from what you’re used to… do you recall reading those pages and pages of information about those products? In fact, have you ever read the literature of such a thing?

Of course not.

Reading for pleasure is one thing, but reading to gain boring information is just plain, boring. People would much rather go to YouTube and search “How to…” for everything. Statistics show that 72% would rather watch a video and learn than read. Simple solution for everyone, get demo videos made for the purpose. But is that all?

It makes sense for you to expect and extract all the benefit that you can from the videos you invest in. You can definitely gain that from a demo video of your software.

Software demo videos essentially do exactly what they sound like they do. You give an entire run through about every essential detail and function of your software in it. Instead of reading it off long paragraphs, people get to learn from what you show and tell.

We’re not claiming that software demo videos are the future. We’re saying that they are already thebest thing you can do for both promotions and information. 54% customers want to see more video content from all kind of brands that they are buying or considering

It’s essential to get software demo videos made properly because they not only talk about your product or service but also present your brand’s identity. This is why the best way to go about this is through the best creative video agency. They understand your ideals and goals along with the market. Videos are meant to have a language and treatment that is the most comforting and comprehensible for the viewers. When every word counts, it’s better to trust the professionals.

The first thing you have to do is identify the purpose of making a demo video. Do you expect more purchases through it? Is subscription your goal? Are you shooting for brand awareness or is it information that you care about? In short, what’s the call to action at the end of your video? When you decide what you want the software demo video can definitely focus on that point more.

Next is figuring out who you’re looking to create an impact on. Any video only works when it serves the way its audience wants it to. Your software demon video will clearly be serving some type of professionals. In that sense the language would have to be refined and a lot more specific. When people know what they are looking for, all you have to do is point out that you are providing that service.

You have to know the amount of time and capital you plan to invest in the video. This helps the creative video agency to find the best solution for you in the given time and budget. Whether it’s simple or grand will all be decided here, suited to your purpose. If you choose to make a video in-house, it’ll take a lot more planning and proper understanding at the beginning so as to ensure smooth workflow without any surprises.

Give the purpose a structured vision. In software demo videos the basic idea is to cover all the necessary touch-points in terms of utility. But they will come across well only when you present them in an ascending order of importance. Ensure that you highlight all the key features well at all the right moments. Every important section or function must be properly tended to for maximum impact.

Next you have to choose between live-action and animated videos. If you decide to screen record and use that, fair enough! It’s the best way to go about the whole process. But you can choose to make it more aesthetic and creative. 3D animated videos and 2D animated videos are always well received and get much more popularity.

After getting all these decisions locked, you are now in for the most important step of the way. Scripting! Your software demo video will only be as good as its script. So focus on making it all inclusive. Does it highlight your product well? Are all your key features highlighted? Is the structure making it interesting or are you just too bored to give it another watch? Pay attention to those details.

Once you make this video, complete from top to bottom, all that’s left to do is place it well. Your software demo video has to be marketed in a way that it targets all existing and potential customers. That’s how you ensure advertising along with promotion.

Videos can help with just about anything, when made well with a lot of planning. Ready to give theme try with your software demo?

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