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Best Animated Videos of 2020

Best Animated Videos of 2020

Communicating ideas in the best way is as important as the idea itself. Animated Videos have always been the best to serve this purpose. While we were all locked up and far from each other this year, the only way to stay connected and on top of everything was trying new methods of communication.

With the advent of social media, the population worldwide has shifted a lot. The ease of access and connectivity has led to a steady growth in creative content production. All one needs to do is use all of this amazing content to create the best of videos for a steady clientele.

Statistics show that people prefer engaging in short video content rather than long format videos, prints, blogs etc. It’s a carefully curated art. Video making is not like throwing random things on the wall and hoping something sticks. It may have started out as that but now we know that there are ways to predict audience response. Animation has proven to be one of the most successful and impactful method of creative video making. 2D animation and 3D animation the undebatable champions of getting information across without making it boring. 2D animations made with as simple as line drawings sometimes get more traction than big budget videos, ensuring that your customers don’t snooze off. It is definitely worth investing in 3D animated video as well. The quirky characters are more memorable and definitely attract more customers.

Everyday life now exists more actively on virtual platforms. Online businesses are the link between the two and provide some of the most important services at the convenience of consumers. It is essential to highlight this value through strategic means for maximum reach and conversion rate. With engaging explainer videos of 15-30 seconds, you can highlight your services with content that is relevant to the present times. By stressing upon your services’ necessity to ease this new lifestyle, you can redefine your brand and make it heard widely.

With short videos and creative graphical content, put the word out! With explainer videos that highlight the necessity of an online presence, you can easily engage potential clients. Get visually appealing content made for your concern and present yourself as the solution that every brand needs.

Here’s a list of the best animated and explainer videos from the year 2020.

It’s creative, it’s quick and it perfectly highlights the service. That’s exactly what an animated explainer video should do. This video for Bottle Drop Service was received well, thanks to its creative designs. The character has also ben appreciated quite a lot.
This is a video for Swift Pass. Pay attention to the music, colours and the entire feel of it. Looks very clean, doesn’t it? Very technical. It’s been built to look this way to be taken seriously and fun at the same time. You will find yourself hanging onto the animation just as much as you do to the music.
Here’s one for the HonestGorilla. They needed a fun, interesting and light hearted video and this is what they got. On point. Notice the amazing use of 2D animation in the video. It’s been used very effectively.
Google doodles are popular all the way and with the pandemic, they came up with this video. It’s the simplest video in the bunch, but it was the need of hour. They presented it quite beautifully. This goes on to put forth the idea that videos don’t need to be excessively amazing to make an impact. Minimal animations can do wonders.
As far as demo videos go, this one certainly creates an impact. It is simple and straightforward. All the information is presented without any crazy additions. It’s proper. It’s fun to watch. Rest assured, if YouTube does not let one skip this animated video, people won’t mind.
Here comes a fun animated story, because that’s what animation does. It makes out beautiful ideas come to life in the most creative and engaging of ways.
This one here lets the product shine very easily and effortlessly. It questions, answers and does it all with a whole lot of fun. It tells you everything you need to know about Bike and Boot and does it beautifully!
People can spot an Apple video from a mile away, thanks to their format and style. It is always the same. And yet each time, it is different, it’s classy and well developed. The video flows and gives you the ease that apparently using an iPhone would. What’s not to like about this animated video?
A video to address the situation as we knew it, to know how to survive it. This one was widely seen because it gave details of the spreading disease and gave proper insight and protection measures.
Here’s another software demo video. Why another? Because you know how dependent we have been on softwares this past year for everything!

Animated videos served a very important task in 2020. They kept us connected, informed and didn’t bore us to death with all the heavy info. They gave us a few laughs, some joyful moments and got us through some silences that could have been hard to fill.

Cheers to a new year and many such beautiful videos in the next year. Reach out to Manobal Studios to get your business shine! Happy New Year!

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