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Restructuring Education via Educational Videos

Restructuring Education via Educational Videos

The World as we know it has changed and post corona, the changes will stay. Humans have survived by changing and adapting through the course of centuries. And today, the demands are the same. What started in November in a province in China became a pandemic worse than anything that we have seen in recent history. Situations are difficult, and we are somehow pulling through. Let’s face it! Every one of us understands the possibility of being shut down by natural phenomenon but we never thought we would have to see the day when the World would have to stay home. But it is here, and we are living through it. It has made life difficult. Of course with our technological advancements, the shift may be a little difficult, but definitely possible.

Since the first moment when connectivity through the internet became a possibility, the World started changing again. We became faster, started living better and comfort grew. Social media took over every aspect of our life, and things shifted to online platforms. But never before had we understood the exact power that this shift would give us. We may be home, but we are working, shopping, connected to the World and doing just about everything we could. All made possible because of some genius minds and ideas. But the best part is that the education that made these minds grow is what can now be made better through these ideas.

Smart classes and educational videos have been a thing for quite a while now. Humans have always been visual learners and hence several practical applications are designed for us to understand better. The idea to use videos for education may have been a development of the past 10 years for India but it was always popular. There was a time when American class rooms had a TV and a Video player to be used as an aid to teach students better. It did work! It surely beat reading everything theoretically all the time and simply relying on text. Also, it made class kind of fun! And that is exactly what the children needed. Educational video production rose and became an important tool for effective learning.

The shift that started all this while ago is now coming in handy when social distancing is the new reality. Children are unable to attend school but School has been brought to them. Zoom call classes and live chats have now become the one way to keep a class room connected and try to get the educational atmosphere right. However everyone knows how chaotic it can gets after a point and is really difficult to get through without any issues. The better solution is educational video production. Schools need to invest in getting videos made for every chapter so that the child can simply click on a link and understand the basics represented visually. Having a video in place of live streams would be much easier.

Our brain takes in visuals better than text. Proven scientific fact. To promote easier learning, videos can be a real boon. Educational video production is a very well developed idea to ensure proper learning. With 2D animations and 3D animations, every complicated concept is made to look much simpler and approachable. We can be sure that while lain numbers would scare kids with phobia of maths, a simple visual representation of the same number with transitions and moving images makes it look easier. Animated explainer video production is something textbook publications have also invested in to provide a CD along with the book. That CD contains all the lessons in much simplified ways. It has been recognized as a big help by teachers and parents.

The convenience that a video comes with is unbeatable. While class room study may not be very child’s idea of best learning, videos give the opportunity for children to explore their way of self-study. In a perfect World books would be enough, but with all the changes around us and growth, the new generation is different. They learn faster and hence get bored easily. They need something really interesting to get their attention and that is just what these educational videos are to the core. While for some students these videos can play the role of basic learning made fun, for others it can be an easy way of revision.

Educational videos are amazing in another sense that they are recorded. They can be played multiple times, understood better and revisited as many times as required. Schools have invested in installing computer systems and white boards in all the class rooms in school just to ensure that children get the best. While online subscriptions are also easy to use for this benefit, if you get choose and pick how the videos are made it would be easier. That is why investing in educational video production is quite a necessary deal these days. And rightly so.

Covod-19 may have stopped us from living life like we used to, but the doors are open to a new way of living. No matter what happens, learning never ends and hence school should remain in session in some way or the other. The future depends upon the education our youngsters get and this is the new way to educate.
Nothing better than evolving to make life easier!

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