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Why seek professionals for branding solutions?

Why seek professionals for branding solutions?

Once upon a time in San Bernadino, California, two brothers called Richard and Maurice started a restaurant business. They were selling burgers, fries and milkshakes to hungry folks in this American county. It was the most elegantly run restaurant. It functioned with a new strategy called the Speedee System, invented by the brothers. But that’s where they began, existed and ended. Why do you ask? Because a man named Ray Kroc saw its potential, removed the other two names and branded it into the modern-day McDonald’s, the biggest fast-food chain across the globe.
Now there’s no need to come up with branding solutions that sound so ugly and vindictive, but hey, that’s not the first thing we thought of when we saw Ray in action. It is a fact that the brothers’ a version of McDonald’s would have stayed the same, feel-good family place and never left San Bernadino County. But then the name would also not have been responsible for feeding over 69 million people across the world. All because Ray Kroc saw a name that could be so much more and branded it right, we can sit back and enjoy burgers that taste the same worldwide and give us a homey atmosphere (Though of course Indian McDonald’s serves burgers with a specific desi taste, another branding hack).
If the taste remains the same, what exactly was it that Ray Kroc changed? While the brothers’ were serving food, Ray was building an empire. It happens that sometimes we fail to see the commercial value of our skills. There are several unseen perspectives, hidden angles and unexplored dimensions of our ideas that make them Million dollar strategies. Mind you, these strategies only work when you get your simple ideas started. Just dreaming about big plans does not make them come true. But once you invest your heart and soul to get a business set up, you have to put your trust in people who can help you brand it right.
It is very easy to lose sight of why you’re doing business a certain way. It’s not a heartless, cold process to come up with an idea that sells big. It always comes from a simple need, a pure intention to create something that makes our lives easier. But that is not the way to sell it. Coming up with branding solutions essentially means feeding on these emotional values that started a business and rationalizing ways to hone it. That is how businesses flourish, by franchising, creating a distinct image, demand and supply…all the works. But that only happens when you start talking about it like it is a billion-dollar idea.
The mistake that people make is talking about their idea like someone else did. Professionals understand that even though it has to sound like a brilliant plan, it needs to primarily sound like a solution. Needs are either created or they simply exist. The latter is basic, comes down to who sells is better and quite result-oriented. The former requires hard work. Branding solutions that are driven by creating need have to be very well thought of. We can’t think of this “creation” as an invention but basically highlighting the existence of a hidden travesty. Once people identify it, they require a solution. That’s where your Billion Dollar idea comes in.
Professionals understand how your product needs to be placed in the market for best returns. While you may start with an apple pie idea, it can become a major money plant (LoL). Jingles, catchy phrases, social ads, 2D animations, 3D animations, explainer videos, fiction ads, print ads and excellent copywriting, all of these make your business what it ends up being recognized as. This isn’t something to be found in epiphanies. It takes conscious efforts and planned strategies to establish an empire that can be more than what you knew you could create.
Ray Kroc saw an opportunity and stole it. Or, to sound politically correct, bought it. But consider this. If you have everything and only require special minds to make your brand look grand and amazing, then why not just hire professionals? You never know when and where you find an idea that can turn your emotional story into a commercially successful strategy. You’ll make more profits and name on the latter.

Don’t lose out on the opportunity to build your own McDonald’s.

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