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How to get more customers?

How to get more customers?

No matter which industry or product you think of, there’s one very simple goal in all kinds of business ventures. Get more customers. Everything from your name, idea, services, look and feel, to your promotional strategies is a product of that one constant thought ringing in your head. How can I sell more? We cannot shy away from the fact that whenever we talk about our business, we want to do it in such a way that the one who listens feels intrigued. A modest approach may look good in an Alok Nath film but when it comes down to business, we all better be willing to be the Wolf of Wallstreet.
Of course, it’s not your arrogance that sells. Having confidence in yourself and your product is key, but all these things can be learnt and developed over time. This blog isn’t about your soft skills or a self-help guide to being better than you were when you went to bed last night. This is about logical, planned, tested strategies that can get you real conversions. We are talking about the right words, the right visuals and the best branding solutions. We are talking about getting you a long list of customers through smart and effective ways of advertising.
Now one way to understand this is through everything that you do in boardrooms and meetings. Knowing your business inside out, understanding the target audience, creating the X factor that sells, make your product stand out as an answer etc. These details too can be found online underneath pictures of confident models strutting around in well-fitted suits. Maybe just Google “How to get good customers” and you’ll get tons of sites and blogs to read. But, this isn’t the kind of branding solution we will be speaking of.

Let’s talk videos!

The digital age has revolutionised advertising, the market and our lifestyle so much that we can barely imagine what life before there was like. The amount of research data that are available to understand what would work best is massive and major help. Mark Zuckerberg has been making a lot of money because he knows what he’s doing, and well, it’s time to make some money off of the same means for your business as well. People are spending a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram and it’s time to start making videos that help you get the marketing benefits there.
Your genius ideas have a beautiful, sophisticated yet complicated story behind them. It would make a lot of sense for you to tell that story to the World. After all, every superhero needs a brilliant origin story! But stories are not always interesting in their general sense. It takes creative professionals to find the idea that would make your emotion come out the same way that you expect it to, and have commercial value. Creative video agencies take care of this detail for you. They find a narrative, an angle that makes your story stand out and yet find a connection with the people. That’s a great place to start.
Your ideas, products and their manufacturing processes may have a lot of technical terms and ideas that make them a bit hard to understand. There are many products that present their manufacturing process or ingredients as their USP. While this is an important feature, it is just another detail. It’s information, not a real X factor that can be sold to the masses. The easiest way to make this look like a unique selling point is to explain why you believe it is. And your product doesn’t necessarily have to be technical for this to work out. This can be understood as a ground rule for all kinds of promotional purposes.
Instead of writing booklets and handing out text, you can always get on with video making. Videos are a boon and if worked on properly, massively productive. Making fun and interesting explainer videos gives a nice look to your brand. It has been noted that websites with an impressive video on the landing page perform infinitely better than the ones that don’t. It helps to have videos that start with a Why” or a “How” because they actually do give you more reach. Explainer videos are most definitely in.
Making 2D animations and 3D animations can also perform the same way. Creative minimal videos always leave an impact on quirky characters and creative settings. Your brand name will be thought of with every jingle, catch-phrase and video that you make and release under your name. And these videos will give you a much better chance of finding new customers.
Beyond everything else, smart branding strategies through video-making works out the best when you want to increase your clientele. Get your name out there! Let the entire World spread the word about you through a creative video that you made.

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