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Are you selling enough?

Are you selling enough?

It seems like a neat plan, doesn’t it? Coming up with an interesting product, getting it ready for production, getting it ready in enough numbers and finally shipping it off all over the world for sales. But it is a shark tank out there, and more than your product, it is its branding that sells. It is essential to have a well thought of, organized plan to market your product and the way to do that is by investing in advertising. With the evolving World, the demography and ad psychology has massively changed. Minimal video ads are the “it” thing.

With Leo Burnett’s idea of “Make it simple. Make it memorable.” ads are being designed in a way to captivate most audiences in the least amount of time. With the advent of social media, it has become all the more necessary to have simple but effective ads of as less as 15-20 seconds of duration. It is actually a better idea in the sense that this has made working through different concepts towards the same conclusion much easier.

Gone are the days when one ad film running all over the place could create the desired impact. In this era of the content boom, the only way to compete is to keep coming up with new videos. A well-designed campaign is one that promotes the same idea through different stories and captivates the attention of all kinds of audiences. This strategy promotes the most basic idea of your product being a solution for a multitude of people and situations. While the characters keep changing, if they are all bound together by the thread of trust in your product, it can work wonders in creating emotional ties between the product and your customers. It is that one nod of understanding and approval that your ad could evoke from the viewers, which would make your product relevant in their eyes.

So the key question here is, are you spending enough time and resources on advertising? If not, then you are way behind the curve. Organisations with the vision to make large profits have always been clear on one detail. Spare no expense with the product’s marketing. There is a reason why businesses spend as much as they do on video promotions, that is, they work. If you invest in the right idea and marketing strategy with the right set of professionals, you will receive returns in three times with the profits; the key decision here being in your choice of the agency to work through. It helps to have one that works with a wide range of businesses and is involved in different types of promotional content production. Choose a team that understands the necessity of branding and market research before coming up with a script that looks impressive.
Every idea has the potential to be widely popular, but the element that decides its fate is its marketing strategy. Never underestimate the power of impactful visuals and words that hit home. While “less is more”, be sure to put more than enough thought in your advertising plans for your brand’s success.

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