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Why is Branding important?

Why is Branding important?

What do you think of when you hear the words “Teda hai par mera hai”? What does “Just Do It” remind you of? Are you able to look at an apple without thinking about a certain ringtone? Do the words “Gogli Mogli mush” seem to have a meaning? If “pehli tareekh” reminds you of a dessert and “daag acche hai” reminds you of cleanliness, you are already familiar with the necessity of branding. Age old brands are stuck in our head not just because they are timeless, but because their branding strategy has been up to mark. This is the first thing you should take away from reading this blog. Branding IS important.

Creating a distinct identity and making it work for your promotional benefit, that’s what branding is all about. It starts with your firm’s name, logo and tagline but goes beyond that to create your complete portfolio, the kind by which you will be recognised. Your brand is reflected by your customer service style, look and feel of your office, your employees and most importantly, how you market yourself. Every business needs to have carefully planned branding solutions to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Now that we understand what branding really is, let’s consider a hypothetical situation. Suppose you come up with a killer product. Right at the first look, you know that it’s a winner. You call it something and start looking for best ways to sell it. Remember, it really is the scariest episode of shark tank out there. So you really need to make an impression with this project. You work hard, come up with a fun name, target the most appropriate audience and go down to that investor’s office. But you don’t get the funding you need.


The thing that most start-ups and upcoming brands forget to take into account is the fact that investors meet people like them with bright ideas every single day. There’s a plethora of brilliant concepts and products out there that could make people a lot of fortune. So it is essential to stand out. THAT is where an effective branding solution comes in. A plan that sells the product well. No matter how amazing your product is, unless you market it right, it won’t find the right customers or make you any money. You need to be prepared with how you plan to sell this.

Now you may think, ‘fine! I’ll do all my research and do it right. I’ll find the right people, the right platforms and sell my product well.’ Here’s another takeaway from this blog. Professionals exist for a reason. There’s a reason why big corporations spend quite a bit of their fortune on branding solutions. Firms dedicate themselves to building branding solutions because it is really a job for the skilled ones. Market research and analysis is not something to be read off a report and applied. It takes experience with all kinds of products, companies, success and failures to be able to professionally do this. So yes, investing in a firm that gives you the right branding solutions is key in beginning your entrepreneurial journey.

Branding works on an a few guiding principles. While there is never a sure shot guarantee of something working like a formula, basing your plans around these helps you hit closer to home. The first and foremost is of course to know who you are selling to. The reason why extensive analysis and research is done is to understand the audience. That research is how you can come close to predicting your product’s success rate. Every word that you use to describe your product sticks. If done right, branding will make your product distinguishable amongst several others of the kind. The only way to do it right is to know who you want to do right by. To build effective brand solutions, know your audience.

It is necessary to use the right images and diction while talking about your brand. In the world where every word you use can be recorded and used against you, this becomes a major pointer. Focus on associating the right terms with your brand. Make explainer videos that talk about the product and its service. Make 3D animations to simplify its functioning. In short, ensure that your customers understand why they need your product. Make it simple. Keep it light. No one cares about smart diction, but everyone loves a catchy phrase.

It is obvious that a raincoat business would not work in December. This basic understanding is what branding solutions are all about. Clubbed with good old common sense and trends, timeliness plays an important role in branding. While staying relevant is a big positive, knowing when to sell something is equally important. If you do not time your product right it will bomb at the markets and leave you penniless. Careful planning saves you that trouble. A good agency will give you branding solutions that understand it and explain it to you as well. Remember, the goal is to sell more.

Understanding the necessity of branding and branding right is important. That is what the market is all about and will always run with. But it’s nothing to fear or feel at a disadvantage with. Go with your gut and sell what you would want to buy. Or at least, brand it like the things you buy.
Merry marketing!

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