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How Pomodoro Technique helps

How Pomodoro Technique helps with time management

‘Deactivating and reactivating your goals allows you to stay focused.’ 

The words of wisdom above were said by a psychology professor from the University of Illinois, Alejandro Lleras. And words of wisdom they truly are. It can be a real daunting task, focusing. Specifically in a blessed era like ours when distractions are one swipe away. We are constantly surrounded by “happening” and exciting elements that can keep us away from all kinds of work. 

And what has elevated this entire lack of concentration? The lockdown.

The idea of having a dedicated workplace was exactly this. Provide a space where your mind is trained to dedicate its efforts for productive work. But thanks to a certain Corona virus, that situation has been completely messed. Now we’ll be at home watching funny animated videos on our phone while the laptop sadly stays open with the task we should actually be working at. That’s just not right. 

Our concentration has been compromised and it is about time we came up with some measures to check our ways. Enter, the Pomodoro Technique! 

Developed in the late 1980s by Francesco Cirillio, Pomodoro technique is a unique method of taking breaks at pre-decided time intervals. Pomodoro is an Italian word for “tomoto” which is what the shape of the kitchen timers used to be. Francesco decided to use it to cook up something far more interesting than pasta sauce. A method to make himself more efficient and relaxed all at once. 

It’s a real simple idea. First you pick out the task you’re supposed to be working at. Something you’ve been assigned for work, something you can’t muster the motivation to do or something you started a million years ago but never got around to actually do…anything! Pick that task and sit yourself down with it for 25 minutes. Get those 25 minutes down on your timer and do not look at anything but the job at hand for the time being. The moment the timer goes off, stop. Take a break for 5 minutes. Do anything but the task, think about anything but the job. Give your head a solid five minute break to chill out. And then, back on for 25 minutes! 

Now in this next set you can either continue what you were working at or pick a whole new task and do it. 25 minutes, whole and soul dedicated to whatever the task you pick. And as soon as that timer goes off, kick up your heels and relax for another five.

After four sets of 25s you can take a longer break. A nice long 30 minutes even, if time allows. And then get started with the cycle again. The idea is to give your brain all the rest it needs to ensure that it functions efficiently when it’s given a task. 

Now it may not sound like much but it surely is a helpful technique. The reason this works is because it ends up making time your friend instead of an enemy. Using the Pomodoro technique helps you stay focused for longer because it convinces your brain that it isn’t overworking itself. 

This technique has made more than 2 Million people more productive, more focused and happy workers. This simple time management system helps you meet deadlines more efficiently and work effectively.

Pomodoro Technique helps you in several ways. The first thing sit does is help you understand how much time and effort you are spending on a particular task. When we work on different things one after the other, we lose track of all the things that we did and in turn have no data to analyse about our performance. Pomodoro helps you get an exact idea about the same.

The best thing about this 25 minute routine of work is that it restricts you from giving in to any distractions. You do what you’re meant to, when you’re meant to. If you keep a log of these ideas, you’ll get a better understanding of the amount of efforts you’re putting in.

Pomodoro is all about giving yourself enough time to analyse and implement. Use it. This is the best way to see just how much time you really have to do everything that you thought you couldn’t.

With a properly drawn up time table and defined objectives, Pomodoro can help you get exactly where you need to be. So it’s time to stop making excuses and start giving yourself time and space for constructive productivity.

Get that kitchen timer out! Time to be productive!     

How Pomodoro Technique helps
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