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How to measure the boost in sales happening through Promotional Videos?

How to measure the boost in sales happening through Promotional Videos?

The population worldwide has shifted a lot with the advent of social media. The connectivity and ease of access have led to steady growth in creative content production. But how can these platforms be used to spread your word and build a clientele?
Though all businesses are different and need different approaches to figure out what works, the easiest recognized way is to produce more content. Specifically, video making.
It is evident from statistics that people would rather engage in short video content than long format videos, prints, blogs etc. It is essential to make use of the fact that about 30 Million people visit YouTube every day. Branding solutions now include a multitude of these platforms as there we can get the most diverse of population. Video makers understand this and insist on building a steadfast presence on YouTube.
50% of marketers say that they see a video yields the highest conversions and ROI. If it really is that great, why aren’t you making videos already? Better late than never!

That is where the journey begins. Making more videos.

It isn’t that difficult a task to be fair. You must already be putting out blogs, social posts or something. Similar content can be used for the audiovisual medium. The only thing that has to be done is repurposing existing content. Make videos out of the same content from your blogs.
This gives you more exposure, bringing in all kinds of clients. The visual creativity makes it easier for clients to see your potential in a fun and easier ways. Also, this way makes it easier for you to track engagement on different platforms, which definitely would exceed that on your blogs.

The next step is quite predictable, isn’t it? Making your own YouTube channel.

After starting it up and getting acquainted with being a YouTuber, thought needs to be put into the kind of image you want to project. Understanding the genre of your video making is essential because that helps you target the right audience.
The best video agency would guide you in building this space in such a way that people associate your brand with it, no matter what the video ends up being about. So it is a must to know what kind of content you want to put up.
Most people watch these videos on their mobiles. This means that you have to create visuals that remain prominent and distinct on a must smaller screen as well. That is why it helps to make minimal videos.
Video formats such as whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D animation etc. have gained a lot of popularity because of the same. Animated videos anyway present a much better visual treatment. Aesthetically sound and engaging to look at, these videos can really grab the viewers’ attention.
Research keywords and post the videos on YouTube with the right thumbnail and description. That’s the way to get it hyped up across the channels. Just making videos is never enough. They always need to be placed and marketed right for positive results to come up.
To increase engagement via Facebook, hosting live sessions can help. By getting up online and seeing exactly how many people show up to listen, you’d be getting a reality check. This is actually a good place to start.
Video ad options are plentiful on Facebook. From short explainer videos, ad videos, 2D and 3D animation videos, testimonials…Facebook helps with the promotion of all. Of course, the real trick is to get the content right, but the social media platform does it’s best to give you all the boosts you need.
Video making is not something that it can teach you, for that is a job for a creative video agency. But it sure gives the ad all the opportunity it needs to generate the best ROI. Free advice – Shorter videos perform better.
Another amazingly effective trick is to use Email marketing. Video content in emails boosts open rates by 20% and click-through rates by 65%. This definitely gives you a greater chance to find better clientele.
Great that all this work is out in the open. But what you need next is to measure how beneficial all of this has been. Analytics can be difficult to understand and keep track of. Instead of learning to keep up with everything, start by focusing on a few key pointers.
Track your conversion video. If people watch the video and end up doing what it is that you asked them to do, that’s good progress. If you find dipping numbers in a matter of conversions, you need to start by ensuring that your message is clear. The call to action should really stand out. If that happens, chances of conversion definitely get better.
Measure your engagement rates. If your viewers like what they see, they are more likely to buy what you sell. Make sure that in the end, it is clear that you are selling something. Use your analytics as pointers to help you in making videos. They are tools, not inhibiting factors.
Check what time you’re posting your videos to get a proper result. It is essential to keep track of these details to ensure maximum engagement.
100 views of clients who would actually buy are better than 1000 of those who are only browsing through. Do not get caught up with the numbers. Remember that this is about more sales and that’s where your focus should be.
Use all these details to make your success rates grow through the roof! Connect with us to start making videos and get you started on your journey of building the business of your dreams?

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