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How Testimonial videos help in promotion

How Testimonial videos help in promotion

Picture this. You’re scrolling down your Instagram feed, looking at all kinds of fun posts and suddenly a loud, far from subtle advertisement comes along. The video screams about the fabulous product it promotes right in your face. What would you do? Of course, you would scroll past it without a second glance. Everyone knows they’re lying when they’re so loud! And this little run-in completely ruins the browsing fun, doesn’t it? On the other hand, if you find a video of a person who looks like he/she could be your next-door neighbour, the interest automatically piques. Nobody likes to hear from strangers about the benefits of so and so oils for healthy hair. But if spoken by a person who looks relatable, just as real as you, you’ll want to know more.

Now try looking at this situation as the owner of a firm that requires branding solutions. This loud, over the top advertising is certainly not the way you want to speak of your brand, is it? Advertisements may fail but real human stories always get a response. Stories of experience from people like us make sense and are far more believable.

That’s what testimonial videos are!

Most firms would agree that the best and most steady clients they are able to find are the ones who found them through the word of mouth. Why does that happen? Because people would rather believe real people instead of chunks of marketing agendas. Testimonial videos help you in getting the word out this way. They highlight a firm’s values in a very rooted and personal sense which always trumps gaudy advertising. Customers would rather associate your brand with people than the image of hard, cold cash. The best example of this kind of campaigning would be Dove and Amway. And even though we know they’re not exactly real, unscripted testimonials, they hit home. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day! Creating a long lasting impact!

Testimonial videos are exceptionally helpful for corporate video making because companies want to be identified as more than desks and cubicles. The only way to add in that human touch is by actually bringing in a few humans to talk. An anecdote from the employees past would move the onlooker more than a star kid selling something for a lot of money. That emotion is what stirs curiosity and genuine emotions in buyers.

Stylistic shots of your office and campus is only one part. What makes corporate videos shine is the heartfelt dialogue that we engage the audience in with the cogs in the clockwork. Creative video agencies understand the necessity of stirring this emotion in the audience because people are curious to know where their products come from. Who makes them? Who runs the services? And when they find the other side just as relatable, simple and hard working in their jobs as they are, it moves them. The product or service stops being a mechanical idea and develops an emotional identity. And well, emotions sell.

Testimonial videos support your credibility and talk about your importance in a very subtle, relatable manner. Studies have shown that marketers and end customers both rust video testimonials and find them impactful before making a purchase. This isn’t just a retailer, customer thing but helps B2B sales as well.

Still don’t believe us? Get this. 89% marketers say that testimonial video making gives better returns than any other form of advertisement. 63% customers only buy something after hearing or reading good reviews from friends or even strangers. 9 out of 10 people say that they trust information from other people rather than the business itself. 79% watch testimonial videos to understand what the firm is involved with. 59% executives would rather see videos than read text or graphs. The regular use of testimonials can help you generate 62% more revenue from every customer.

This is why you should 100% invest in making testimonial videos. Use your sparkling reviews for your firm’s benefit.
It’ll all about selling more.

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