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Rebranding for survival

Rebranding for survival

The troubles are known, their intensity is known. The news is enough to enlighten you. Statistics and details of the massive losses incurred during the pandemic are everywhere. But what we want to focus on today is the story of countless businesses that continue to power through this. It is the fact and reality of the present scenario. Some ships will sink, some will float. But they are all steering and riding the waves as well as they can. Survival of the fittest. The only word that we keep hearing all around us is SURVIVAL. After self-sufficient, of course.

You may have noticed how Dominoes changed their branding as soon as the pandemic hit India. The word hygienic, safe and no-contact found prominence in their advertising campaigns. Zomato, Swiggy and all other apps that worked with home delivery tried different ways to continue. This included revising their business a bit as well. Since groceries became the only thing, everyone 100% needed, these firms shifted to make space there. That’s how firms survive. Reworking, reframing and rebranding are what makes businesses sail through the toughest of times. While the service end of it is something firm’s need to think up of on their own, the branding solutions can be helped with by agencies.

There are very simple yet unnamed tricks to rebranding. You wouldn’t want to stray too far from your core ideas, you wouldn’t want to change the way your customers view you and would still want a fresh image. Sounds scary and complicated but it really doesn’t have to be that bad. The first thing you need to do is think back. Think about the kind of video making you preferred in the early stages of business. What were you targeting, which jingle did you get made, and which colours did you go with… all sorts of look and feel questions. Ask them to yourself and your team to get the sense of how your brand started to look the way it does. This trip down memory lane will help you understand a lot about how your branding has been.

Now, look around you. Read the papers, get surfing on the web and figure out what exactly it is that is going on around the World. Most definitely, you’ll find that time has shifted a lot and so have the situations. From when you first came up with brilliant branding solutions to now, things have shifted dramatically. The fact is that the market is ever-changing, constantly swaying. And that is why constant attention is required towards advertising. That is what you’ll take away from this comparison between yesterday and today. Now what you need to do is find just how out of touch your strategy exactly is.

We tend to find a good idea to stick with but the ever-fluctuating market demands change. This is the perfect opportunity to sit back and really think about your plans. Maybe you kept believing that your plans work and never noticed when they stopped. Most businesses start with impressive campaigns and then let it all go as the word of mouth starts doing better. But the truth is that while you think you are keeping busy, you can always get busier. You may be doing well with your existing list of clientele, but you are missing out on a whole bunch of new ones. Branding solutions need to be constantly worked on for the same reason.

Presently, it is important to understand that billboards, bus ads, announcement ads are not going to help. What’ll help is social media, TV, radio and everything that people are around all day. Making video ads will help your business all the more because that is what people are constantly looking for. Engagement rates are high on 2D, 3D animations, explainer videos and corporate videos that are minimal, short and massively impactful. Creative video agencies are working on brilliant concepts to get the customers invested and get your brand popular.

You’ve looked at your past and assessed your present needs. That’s the only way to calculate the possibilities that the future holds. All you have to do is be prepared. The only thing that never changes is the fact that everything can change. What doesn’t change or adapt, ceases to exist. Your business has all it takes but needs to be promoted and presented in a sense that it can be looked on as an amazing venture.
Rebrand your ideas to help the masses with their present needs and you’ll sail in profitable seas.

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