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Maximizing Video ROI with Complementary Content

Maximizing Video ROI with Complementary Content

Advertising is all about ensuring “more” of something. More exposure, more engagement, more sales and more growth. But how can you really make this happen by making videos? Which format helps present content in the most engaging of ways? What gives you the best return of investment?
Two words. Complimentary content.
Using this effective strategy, viewership and lead engagement can be increased. There are several tried and tested ways to warm up cold leads, get more engagement and increase sales. Put on your thinking caps a turn your video making skills into profit-making skills

Let’s get to it!

When you share videos made by your concern, chances are that they’ll be lost in the crowd of all the videos that are out there. In order to give them a push, you need an “add on”. That’s exactly what complimentary content is. It makes the information in your video or blog stand out. It gives emphasis to key points via different sources, all the while helping you get more content.
For example, when we put out blogs that talk about certain types of videos, we add in the links to videos we have made. This doesn’t only register us as Gyaan experts but also shows us off as a Creative Video Agency. It’s a fair game, explaining what you have spoken of subtly in your 30-40 secs video.
Make infographics, graphs and visuals out of the statistics that you use in your blog and that is registered as complimentary content. It makes your message more distinct and effective.
It’s actually an excellent way of making “more of everything”. The idea is that the piece of information remains the same, the message remains the same. But by saying the same thing through different mediums, you ensure more engagement. Video making helps the most when it comes to effective content generation, but everything else is an “add on” that gets you more traffic.
E-mail marketers have several tricks up their sleeve to pull this off. When you watch the videos made by companies for their landing page and want to know more, a message quickly pops up that asks for your e-mail. In order to download whatever it is that you want to or get more info, you will add in your E-Mail ID here. This converts you into a potential lead. Businesses use this to get into more inboxes without any foul play. Such methods complement your video making skills and give you more organic opportunities to increase ROI.
In addition to this, it helps when one video is followed by several more videos made by your concern about similar topics. People always want more of what they want. You should be using this to get more of what you want. The more people engage in your content, the more they believe in your expertise.
By using linked content controls, you are ensuring exactly this. The viewer would see you as a helpful friend with information instead of a business with a hidden agenda. Use your explainer videos, blogs and social posts to help larger audiences.
When people spend time on your site and social pages, it means that there is significant engagement here. If they are interested, they are more likely to buy. Using all your video making and creative content skills is important here as that is what engages them. About 47% of people view four to five content pieces before actually getting into the buys. That’s just how it is and you need to get with it to get profitable.
What’s key here is content. No matter what happens, no matter how you decide to use it, it’s always content that’s king. No matter what you’re making, 2D and 3D animated videos, explainer videos, corporate videos or testimonial, all the key highlights from these can be used to create more content. You can use stats to make an effective visual representation, write informative blogs and create sassy social ads.
The best part is that the research and effort are less but the returns are exceptionally more. Such techniques are what make an effective strategy.
While video making gives you more of a creative presence, blogging puts you more on the map. Prioritising blogging gives you more ROI. With good keyword sense and a way with words, this can help you get farther ahead in the game.
It is essential to promote yourself in every possible way. Sometimes these promotions can be direct and sometimes discreet. But ultimately, it’s all about promoting. Share these blogs and videos as much as you can and through them, share everything else you must highlight about yourself. With video embedded blogs or blog links with a video, you can use all you have to ensure maximum reach.

Now that you have the tools, ready to try it all out?

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